My Garden Shed Makeover

When I painted the exterior of the shed with Cuprinol Garden Shades in Spring 2015, the plan was always to paint the inside of the shed too. I didn’t anticipate that it would take me almost four years to get around to doing it but there we are.

It was the end of the summer and I had a few days off with Faye before she went back to school, so I decided it was the perfect time to get some painting done.

I used Cuprinol Garden Shades ‘Country Cream’ and it took about three coats to fully cover it, painted over three days. It was a lot of work but I had a merry, old time listening to an audiobook while I worked and was very excited as the shed got brighter and brighter with each coat.


I painted the floor cream at first and then quickly realised that it would always look dirty, so I repainted it with the Cuprinol Shades ‘Lavender’ that I had left over from my two-seater bench.


The drawered cabinet that I had in the shed previously belonged to my grandad and I hadn’t the heart to get rid of it when my Dad was clearing out his house. It couldn’t be used as a proper piece of furniture as there was a giant hole in the back! The drawers were ill-fitted and difficult to open; the cupboard doors posed a problem as I had to remove the bikes from the shed each time I wanted to get in the cupboard! However, it did fit the space to the left of the inner frame so perfectly that it seemed silly not to utilise it.

My dad (to the rescue again!) turned it into a shelving unit and I attacked it with the remainder of the Cuprinol ‘Country Cream’. We added a shelf above too.


I spent an entire day with Rob going through all of the, ahem, junk that we pulled out of the shed. We got rid of quite a lot. Then it was time to refill and organise. It’s hard to make this kind of thing look pretty but I did my best. It’s no Pinterest image, but…



It’s not quite finished yet. I still need a stool and some fairy lights, and I’d quite like to make some curtains and bunting to make it look extra pretty (Pinterest has a lot to answer for).

All that time painting got me thinking about how I’d like to write a blog about my garden… all the little notes I make would now happen whilst I was in this shed… and ‘Notes from the Garden Shed’ was born!


When I started writing this blog, I almost jumped straight in with this post but decided that I’d like to share my journey of how I got to this point first, as it has been very long, and I think that is more realistic of how most peoples’ journeys go.

I’m not picture-perfect, or even prose-perfect. I’m certainly not garden-knowledge-perfect! Though I hope that will encourage you to read rather than put you off. Because you don’t have to have all the know-how and tools and amazing Pinterest pictures to grow a garden. Anyone can do it with a bit of love.


[I just wanted to add that I am in no way connected to/affiliated with Cuprinol paints, I just really like them!]

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